March 23, 2022
April 24, 2022
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A as in bat, is balanced and flat,
In page it is spread out wide
E as in pen is steady, works hard,
In beat it contains the tide.

I as in pin though light, is tense;
In kind it is roomy, talented,
O in top, the source or beginning,
In whole it is earthy and rounded.

U as in put denotes space, is relaxed, Puts your thoughts together
In plume it sort of moves with the flow, Light and fast as a feather.

B Kaboom, high spirits, hot temper
C in Cecilia, strong, elastic, energetic
But in Kathy, keeps secrets, caregiver,
And ch is the achiever, chic, charismatic.

D is decidedly the one to decide
F is funny, fanciful, a free floater
G in Gillian fits just single file
In Gail the giver, a garden grower.

H as in home, always looking out for you,
At times, it can really cramp your style
J just watch out, you could land in a stew
But in judge it guides you thro’ the mile.

K can capture, keep secrets, knows all,
The most caring and intimate of letters,
But when it’s not cool, it’s a close call
It can cut or clamp you down with fetters.

L light and lovely has no specific shape
With mysterious force goes with the flow
M is the mother with the magic cape
The maker, the master in the know.

N is a line that’s subtle and noble
Ng sings and gathers things unto itself,
P is precise, solves problems on the double
Open, it stores no secrets on the shelf.

Q is a seeker, explorer of all paths,
R, really a handful, roaring all over,
Rabble-rouser, it can bring down the shafts
S suave, sexy, is an intelligent mover.

Sh is a shield it holds and protects
If broken, moves off with a realistic shrug
T is temptation, follows the star it detects,
Th perilous path maker, a thriller, a thug.

V vibrates energy, can be a faithful slave
W the will, waves, mature woman, warm friend,
Y, trusting, expansive, a yes man, naΓ―ve,
Z, a line you zip along, no beginning, no end!

So mark out the strong syllables in your name
Then match with the vowels, consonants given,
If you find that your nature it doesn’t describe
Change your name, that’s the only solution! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚


  1. Nina says:

    So innovative and at the same time informative!! The syllables of my name sound good!! :⁠-⁠D

    • Loretta says:

      Thanks babes, for liking the poem…your name is short and very sweet…like mishti…πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

  2. Uday says:

    Very interesting and unique way to remember each letter.

  3. Lydia says:

    Very fascinating and interesting poem you have recited in an expressive voice, Lola.
    Enjoyed listening to it ! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ₯°

    • Loretta says:

      Hope your consonants and vowels suited your name …. Otherwise, think of a new name πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ€—

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