Lola is not only beautiful but brainy too. She is loving and caring also. A great artist and singer. I love her original compositions and this year was a huge surprise with new Christmas specials, written by her, with piano accompaniment and catchy original tunes. I feel delighted to see her paintings and read the meaningful prayer she writes each day without fail.

Lydia D'souza


Lola is an amazing artist and her sketches of ' Mother and child' are par excellence. Apart from the unique art form that she excels at, she is an amazing singer and writer. She can write poems which turn into beautiful song compositions. I really look forward to seeing more of her work every day.


South Africa

Lola...first of all, congratulations. You have been an inspiration to me. Your words of wisdom, your artistary , song writing n singing is absolutely beautiful. God bless you my sis!! ❤❤❤



A Creative Artist, A melodious poet and A true worshiper Each and every artwork you do has very deep meaning to it 🖼 Each and every line of your poems is very memorable 🎼 Each and every prayer so powerful.🙏 I admire every thing you do Lola! You are a true genius!



Dear Lola Aunty, being an artist is often a vulnerable path. You have multiple talents and are truly God gifted. Love your poems! They are with a personal touch and present the world with an open heart. You have a beautiful voice! When you sing hymns they are so soothing! Art can speak things that can't always be said through words and that's how you paint with love. Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward for more hymns, paintings and poems.



'She is my story, the whole, and a path to walk on in life.'



Mamma, thou art so blest and endowed with talents at first unknown to your own self but only until thou had in the past held in your deft hands a pen or a brush and since recently a mobile and tablet, that artistry came to you naturally, be it in writing or painting. Music too, is thy proud possession, vocally or instrumentally. Thou lack not in culinary skill either. It is my fortune to be your daughter, admiring you always and from near or afar.