March 22, 2021
May 12, 2021
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The bell is tolling, we hear its call too often
It’s telling of another inert body in a coffin
Its ring is now familiar, yet our heart still skips a beat
In grief for another soul that’s made a quick, quiet retreat.
Away from earth and family, never to return
It leaves a yawning gape behind, a score of hearts to yearn.

The moment when the earth was shattered forever, we recall
A moment etched in history, when man stood strong and tall
He had conquests made, achievements won, space was at his feet
And then it came, saw, conquered, left a world shattered in defeat.
We shut our doors and tried to hide, but it showed who was whose master
And thousands it caught, thousands died, felled in a moment of disaster.

The world faced silence, deafening the noise that had been before
The streets all empty and everywhere, one saw just a closed door
Whence fled the powerful, the brash, proud scoundrels with their striding?
None could face this enemy and all had gone a-hiding.
But the truly sturdy and the strong, were the ones of lower standing
To the forefront they did run, aiding, providing, undemanding

Humanity at last prevailed, took stock and started toiling
And the hoarders came across and yielded a margin of their spoiling.
God had proven to the arrogant, they were naught before the Creator
When millions were struck and scores lay dead, gone, forever after.
Man stormed the heavens, with prayer, sinners repented of their evil
As the world creaked uneasy, to a virtual standstill.

And around the world the nations, the figures kept a counting
As the variants kept rising and the mutants kept a-mounting.
Men who had till this moment their nation’s borders busy guarding,
Now put their heads together, mustered strength at every parting
Their heads held low, they now were sure and called out to their God
Scores of voices rended heaven, voices raised with one accord

The royal, rich, the beggar, poor, the homeless, all infected
While a miniature virus claimed a million lives and other’s lives directed
And vaccine upon vaccine the world with urgency inventing
Started a milestone of an effort to throttle a pandemic wild spreading
Where is it leading, this new normal, is destroying our endurance
O God, a suffering creation awaits your mercy and deliverance.

Let trust increase in our God and may seeds of faith be planted
Repent of our errors, own up mistakes and move ahead undaunted
Our Creator, let’s be very sure his promises unshakable
Will uphold us safe and secure, our trust in Him unmistakable
Rely on His Word, follow His Will, praise and glorify His Name
For His plan starts where ours falters, His is everlasting reign.

This is God’s way of saving a suffocated earth
From pollution, grime, overpopulation, crime, all its unholy dirt
That all men who forgetting that mortality is their lot,
Let loose immorality and the worst of sin and sloth
So God did the ultimate and enslaved every nation
Now man remembers the earth is God’s and is crying out for salvation.


  1. Nina N says:

    The worst and most shocking calamity that hit the world without us even getting a hint! This poem is a stark reminder of the terrible consequences a small unseen virus could bring about. So well narrated…such perfect use of words. You are truly a great poet Lola and your poems will go down in history!

    • Loretta says:

      Praise the Lord! Thank you for the heartfelt, beautiful insights you have given on the terrible consequences we are facing, because of a virus gone wild… Hope our earth returns to normal by God’s grace and power… 🙏🌹
      Love you, darling daughter ❤

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