April 24, 2022
April 24, 2022
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I chanced to look up and there he was;
My dream man! Complete, in the flesh!
Blurred images of long ago
In mind’s clear eye were set afresh.

The eyes, the hair, the face, the voice,
All added up to bring to life
The stranger of my fantasies
The vision of my sleepless nights

Each human being a soul-mate has,
Destined someday to cross one’s path
And when you meet that chosen one
You’re surely bound to lose your heart.

Surrender mind and soul, I did,
Placed in his waiting hand my trust
Gave all, till I could give no more,
My life to his, did I adjust!

It was designed to be that way
Love’s arrow struck at single glance,
Pairs are matched in heaven they say
And so it was, with our romance.

Such bliss, when fitted like a glove
Love wraps two beings in its glory
Now me and my dapper dream man,
Together, we’ll live life’s story!


  1. Nina says:

    Very cute poem 🥰

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