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Our dearest eldest brother, Linus Stanislaus Anthony D’Souza, passed away suddenly and peacefully, on 20.9.2022, at the age of 74. He was born on 20.5.1948 and left us on 20.9.2022. He will be deeply missed and the void he has left can never be filled.

He belonged to the IIT, Chemical Engineering, 1971 batch/fraternity, and his accomplishments include the Acharya PC Ray award that he received for his B.Tech project in addition to the Institute’s Silver Medal for topping in the category of Chemical Engineering.

When a person is par excellence, in every way and in everything, but doesn’t fit into standard grooves of achievement, success, working prowess, how does one describe him? When the power of one’s brain is as vast as the power of the universe, (and I’m sure all IITIANS will agree, that one DOES have that capacity, but only a percentage seek access to, hone and showcase it), can we contain describing such persons in words? ‘GENIUS’ is a word doing justice, but still falls short!!! Our brother Linus was one such, a genius and more, so we celebrate, at his passing, not the success, but the MAN! And this obituary, honouring him, is written from a human angle…

A POIGNANT ANECDOTE that takes the bite out of losing, and also RESTORES FAITH IN HUMANITY:
Linus graduated in 1971, as the topper in Chemical Engineering and was awarded the Silver Medal. The engineer who was awarded the President of India’s Gold Medal, which Linus was hoping to win was from Electrical Engineering. He visited Linus and putting the Gold Medal in his hand, told him that everyone thought Linus would be the winner, but they had got easy papers that year and that’s how he won the President’s Medal, by a thin margin.

This was such a humble and magnanimous gesture, and proved the generosity of the awardee and the extent of Linus’ esteem among his batchmates. Praise God!


We were the 6 Ls before God decided that Linus should suddenly leave
And move on to the heavenly realms, leaving us 5 Ls and family to grieve
The eldest of the six siblings of the D’Souza clan
We all looked up to him, our brother, an extraordinary man.

Always foremost, he secured the first rank in St Paul’s High School, Belgaum
Obtaining cent percent in the State’s SSLC Boards, to him it was the norm
Then he successfully cleared the Entrance tests of IIT Powai
Choosing the faculty of Chemical Engineering, his choice and obvious joy

Tall, fair, handsome, our Linus had a deep baritone voice
Our big brother was our hero, our guide, we followed his advice
He loved to sing, play the mouth organ even tried to strum a guitar
Was an avid reader, shy and reticent, never stepping out too far.

Studious to the nth degree, he was never known to take a break
Keenly ambitious to retain first place in all he’d undertake
So it was no surprise that he topped in Chemical Engineering of the IITs
Though he missed the first rank in the collective engineering categories.

Silver Medalist, securing a scholarship to the prestigious Institute of Caltech, US
He traveled overseas to obtain his PhD and return to native shores, to us.
But when he displayed his genius, scoring high, in that foreign land,
He became target and was pressurized by an envious, merciless band.

This lad of delicate constitution, could not withstand the battering tortures
Falling prey to a mental breakdown, yet obtaining his Masters.
He returned and fought his way to regaining his mind’s equilibrium
Set out to find a position he could do justice to, and that would do justice to him.

Why put up these details in this obituary I am penning?
That’s LIFE, it’s not made only of success and doesn’t always have a happy ending
For our brother, suffering became the mainstay, the bane of his existence
He went through humiliation, contempt, his frail mind putting up brave resistance.

He worked and held posts in Standard Alkali, Gharda Chemicals, with zest
And in Larsen and Toubro, a company considered among the best
For a few years, was actively involved with the IITB Alumni Association,
But his mind relentlessly bore him down, halting him at every station.

Age and a quickly evolving world put end to his aspiration
Through the years that followed he would have erratic bursts of inspiration
He stepped back, but kept track of friends, colleagues, striving hard to keep in touch
There were a few loyal friends, to the end, and he loved them very much!

This charming, engaging, charismatic personality, never any could ignore
He made us laugh, he made us cry, he made us love him all the more
Though a loner, when he entered a room, he was the cynosure of every eye
Our central figure has departed to higher realms, leaving it hard to say goodbye

Be free, soar high and achieve the heights you were denied in a cruel world
Misunderstood, sidelined, lonely, yearning to be loved and held
In God’s Kingdom, you’ll find your rightful place, beloved brother Linus.
It’s au revoir, not adieu, or goodbye, for assuredly, you’re gonna meet us!


  1. Lydia says:

    Very touching incident and beautiful, heartfelt eulogy for our beloved eldest brother Linus, published by you Lola.
    God bless you always 👍🙏🙏🏻♥️🌹😍

  2. Loretta says:

    Thanks Lyd! Linus suffered more than he should have, but God is merciful and will grant him peace and rest in his eternal Kingdom…..Praise the Lord!

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