July 12, 2024
July 14, 2024
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It’s a staggering world we occupy, you and me, you see
With a million and more years of ancient to modern history
There once existed just a void, we’re told, and a gaping, black hole,
Then voila! There was heaven, earth, space, stars, Sheol.

Just a single word was spoken and there came a great light
More words! And more imagery emerged into sight
What occurred is shrouded, not quite easy to comprehend
It’s a tale of hemisphere, mountain, ocean and land’s end.

The story told begins wonderingly to unfold,
At the tip of an astonishing, spellbound situation
We may have a start, but plenty of doubt I hold
About the end of this uncanny, incredible narration.

It’s about non-trampled ground, and answers yet unfound
Mysteries yet to unearth, even the mystery of birth
Of the alpha, the omega, the unfathomable foundations
We’d have to dig to the core, rig through a score of nations.

An earth which was created for sojourners, so it seems,
Who were patterned, given life, with form, goals and dreams.
One cannot begin to imagine such great, vast expanse
But there’s more than just earth, you can tell at a glance.

There was first just a couple of humans in dominion
Then came outburst after outburst, spilling into millions
And it didn’t seem to stop as nights turned to day
So death became the denomination, to manage life’s continuous sway.

That wasn’t all! There’s visible and invisible things too
And animate and inanimate, in case that wasn’t enough for you.
A Supreme form just made it all and gifted it for free
So spiritual beings, experienced earthly love, and warmth of family.

The earth has evolved and with it all its creatures too
From giant forms and countless years to a measured meter for me and you
And so it goes and continues, assuredly never to diminish
And I assume we will resume life’s circle from start to finish

For what goes around apparently, is going to come around
And before our feet go like skittles in the air, they will once more hit the ground.
Where was the start, when is the end, impossible to perceive
Life’s eternal nature, is the faith we’ve been given to believe

For the Godman in the Sky loves his creation with passion
He has given shape and crafted them in supernatural, flawless fashion
Given them freedom to follow their heart’s desires according to their pace
Yet made sure His timeless laws they never can replace.

Just take it in and be resolved to put your best foot forward
That’s what humans are meant to do, as we journey heavenward.
Along crooked paths, steep climbs, rough terrain, valley and road
We walk in consultation with the Divine Being, Who we call God!

We keep on moving, day after day and in brotherhood march ahead
Till heaven we reach, steering clear of evil’s path, going the straight and narrow instead.
That’s destination, at the end of life, it’s no imagination
To the ends of the earth, then to heaven’s door, greeting our eternal salvation.

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