October 6, 2021
November 7, 2021
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The Capricorn goat, sure and steady as rock
Climbs onward diligent; and is faithful of stock.

The Aquarian you’ll find, his head in the cloud,
He’s an affable fellow, though forgetful and loud.

The Piscean is apt to swim along with the tide
Yet deeply trying to unearth, what’s on the other side.

Strong Arian he moves spewing fiery flames,
Quick to angry outbursts, can play him no games.

Dependable Taurus, has his feet firmly in mud,
Thoughtful, slow deciding, while he chews on the cud.

Gemini the twins, are always two of a kind,
Free spirits, for them happiness is a state of mind.

The perceptive Cancer can hold you spellbound
Quick on the humor, until his mood turns around.

The ambitious Leo, undoubtedly King of the clan,
Always leading, ferocious, this leonine man!

Virgo the loner, a homebody, staunch and staid,
Slow to change house, but pretty quick in his trade.

The beautiful Libran, delectable, sought after,
Weighing and scheming, with abandoned laughter.

And Scorpio, beware, is far known for his sting,
Alert and fleet-footed, he is crouched for the spring.

Feisty Sagittarius, artlessly flirtatious and wild,
Is at times all grown up, but most often just a child.

This sums up just some of the characterizations
Imprinted on us, by the zodiac constellations.

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